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A Clark residence hall is more than a collection of rooms. It’s a haven to study, socialize, and sleep. Make it your own.

When you’re at college, it’s important that your living space is comfortable and welcoming. You’ll discover that Clark has this part of the student experience pretty well nailed down. Is it the same as home? Not when you first arrive. But give it time. Once you’ve settled in, you may not want to leave.

residence halls

Residence Halls and Houses

Clark offers a variety of comfortable living spaces for all students, including residence halls, restored houses, and apartments. Check out the options available to you and see which accommodations match your needs.

Room Tours

Curious about our residence hall rooms? Get the insider’s tour from the people who know them best: our students.

first year transfer

First-Year and Transfer 学生

Learn how to apply for accommodations inside one of Clark’s residence halls and get the facts about moving in. Your living situation is a key part of your Clark experience, and we want you to have all the necessary information.